The Maclean Twilight Rodeo is a yearly competition that is a terrific family occasion with tons of side attractions for the children.

Highlights of the Rodeo include:

Bull Riding, which is quick, furious and dangerous – not for the faint hearted. In this event, the rider must hang on with one hand and remain on the bucking bull for eight seconds. Both animal and rider are evaluated, the rider on his style and the angry bull’s capability to throw the rider before the buzzer. A rider is disqualified if he touches the bull or gear with his free hand.

Saddle Bronc Riding, a traditional rodeo event. Saddle Bronc Riding stems back to the taming and training of untamed horses for ranch transportation and hunting. A number of horses would not give in easily consequently the competition commenced. These days, the event is a stylised and very skilled event on the rodeo circuit.

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Location: Maclean